nittonarton Alocsia bulb

Grow An Alocasia From A Bulb

We just love Alocasias! The big leafs, the beautiful foliage or funny shapes and its quite simple to care for. When you’re repotting your Alocasia, you might find these round-shaped bulbs in the soil. Sometimes they’re attached to the roots of the plant. They might not give you any new sprouts, but it’s worth a try!

nittonarton chicken fajita

Nittonarton Cooks | Chicken Fajita Casserole

Hi there! Sorry for the radio silence, we have been busy with a lot of projects that we are going to share with you very soon. Today we are back with this yummy chicken fajita casserole recipe. This dish is packed with flavours and very quick and simple to put together, just like we want it! The recipe serves 2-3, let’s cook!