nittonarton-fredricsons trä

Fredricsons Trä

A new and improved design on Fredricsons Trä’s assortment list and product sheets, targeting both architects as well as carpenters.​​​​​​​ Glossy lacquer in a wood pattern on the cover communicates the content.



Internal and external communications in close collaboration with Perstorp’s in-house team. Perstorp is a specialty chemical innovator and supplier, with a global reputation for quality, reliability and adding real measurable value to the applications that make modern life work.


Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak has been a partner over a long time. The main focus is package design, various marketing material and trend analysis.


Certiport Sweden

Web design, Art direction and content management for Certiport Sweden. Certiport works with industry-leading certification providers to successfully market their programs. We made a new, fresh take on their branding, aiming for a playful, more Scandinavian look and feel, more suitable for the market. 

nittonarton estote

Estote Magasin

Estote Magasin is an online lifestyle magazine for “fully grown” meaning people over 40 that still is young at heart. Loaded with everything from the latest news too beautiful nostalgia. Estote offers feel good with the ambition to evoke curiosity and inspiration.

nittonarton Skövde kommun

Skövde kommun

Skövde Kommun decided to change their visual profile. Being part of this rebranding also resulted in various graphic publications and exhibition designs created with the new, fresh brand platform as a guideline.


PriceSpy UK

App download campaign for PriceSpy UK. The goal with this campaign was to get 250 000 app installs for PriceSpy in UK, over a period of three months and to get people to price compare and return to the app after the campaign is completed.


Tropic Snacks

Tropic Snacks was in need for a rebranding of their nut packages in order to enhance the shelf impact. With the use of playful images on a slate background and handwritten fonts I was able to not only increase the shelf impact but also enhance the premium look and feel.



Various media for E.ON, one of Swedens largest energy companies, everything from ads in newspapers to posters, brochures and internal communication.

nittonarton C4 Energi

C4 Energi

As a full service designer for the energy company C4 Energi, the tasks was very variated.The main goal was to make C4 Energi more personal, which is done with the help of simple illustrations and images from a everyday life.