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Killer Combos | Matching Pots and Plants

Your plants are doing just fine. You have been following all the care tips in the world, your plants look as good as they can. Now is the time to step up your plant game with adding some pazazz. Let’s talk about how to mix and match pots and plants. Choosing a pot says as much about you and your style as the plant itself. Are you a minimalist, bohemian, trend addict etc? It’s all about mixing and matching different sizes of plants, materials, and textures to create an interesting look. And do not be afraid to try out new combinations!

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Let’s start with some clean, minimalistic plant and pot combinations. Solid neutral colors, simple shapes and raw materials are a great choice for plant with strong, graphic shapes. 

nittonarton hanging pot

Hanging Planters

If you are lacking space, many types of plants work great in hanging planters. There are lots of hanging methods to choose from. If you are in to DIY, why don’t create a trendy macrame hanger? Group a few together for a hanging indoor garden look and feel. It’s all about maximising your space.

nittonarton basket pot


Baskets are trending right now, and they are perfect as pots as well. Tall plants with large foliage like monsteras or fiddle leafs looks extra stylish in a woven basket.

nittonarton pot group

Group Your Plants

Group your plants together using small tables, shelfs, plant stands or even ladders. Not only does this create an eye-catching statement, it’s good for your plants too. A group of plants creates a micro climate, where the plants are helping each other with humidity.

nittonarton handmade pot


For a more bohemic look and feel, handmade pots are the answer. Pinterest are full of ideas for the avid DIYer, or buy ready made ones at places like Etsy or Society6.

nittonarton reuse pot


Last but not least, reuse other objects in your home as a pot. Tin cans, cups, boxes, you name it, works great as a pot. The only thing to stop you is your imagination. Good luck create the killer combos that works best for you and your style! For even more pot and planter inspiration, please check out our video below:


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