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There is no doubt that the house plant trend is here to stay. The evidence is everywhere; in magazines, blogs, social medias, you name it. Furniture stores are arranging plant swap days, Facebook has plant groups for every taste and plant babies are changing owners for huge amounts on buy and sell pages every day. Which are the most popular plants today? Let’s have a look at the top five house plants 2020.

1. Monstera deliciosa 

nittonarton monstera deliciosa
monstera vareigata

The king of all plants, monstera deliciosa is a picture perfect plant with it’s big, beautiful leafs. Easy to care for and a fast grower, is makes it a plant that everybody can succeed with. If you only want one plant in your home, this is the one. 

Monstera plants comes in an array of variations e.g. the small leafed Monkey Mask, the sought after variegated deliciosa with white and green leafs, monsteras without holes in their leafs etc. There is one for all tastes.

2. Fiddle Leaf Fig

I am guessing you all have heard of the fiddle leaf fig tree (a.k.a. ficus lyrata) with it’s iconic, fiddle like leaves and dainty veins. It is still going strong as one of the most sought after plants. They also have a reputation of being both beautiful and quite difficult to keep alive. The fiddle leaf fig can be a real drama queen. Water it to much, an it dies, to little and the result is the same. A dying or dead fiddle leaf can leave you both a bit heartbroken and with an empty wallet. But fear not, many plant enthusiasts have some tried and true tricks for caring for this particular plant. 

3. Cacti and Succulents

There is no surprise that cacti and succulents are becoming increasingly popular in homes. Drought-tolerant and virtually indestructible, the best thing about succulents and cacti is you don’t need a green thumb to grow them. And the fact that they come in many shapes and colors don’t hurt.

4. Colorful Leafs

nittonarton croton
nittonarton calathea

Who doesn’t love a Instagram worthy houseplant? Plant lovers highlights plants like calatheas, different alocasias, 70ies plants like crotons, among others. The more patterns and colors the better.

5. Bigger is Better

Showing off your houseplants is part of the fun of growing them. We are starting to se a shift toward using plants as focal points, rather than having them fade into the background. Big plants combined with minimalist interiors is the new black.

There really is no doubt that the houseplant trend is here to stay. For even more plant inspiration, please check out our video below:


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