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Upgrade Your Living Room | Five Easy Steps

In the day and age of social media, we are constantly bombarded with images of beautiful living rooms. Everybody seems so put together and made of money, except you. But fear not! Nittonarton has put together a list with five easy steps that will help you create the living room of your dreams, transforming it from drab to fab with just a few key elements. 

1. Style Your Coffee Table

nittonarton coffee table
nittonarton coffee table

Coffee tables aren’t just for coffee, you know! It’s actually an island of opportunities. Let’s explore all of the design possibilities that comes from a piece you likely already have in your home. This is a perfect place to display that precious house plant, some great looking books, scented candles etc. Place those awful remotes in a nice box or bowl, put the candles on a tray, group object for a more tidy appearance and you will end up with a well designed  statement piece. 

2. Mirrors Make Your Space Look Bigger

It is easy to forget the golden rule  that mirrors are a great way to make any space feel bigger, and adding them to your living room is no exception. Mirrors reflects light, giving your space that special glow. Hang one over the sofa, or opposite a window for maximal effect. Or why don’t group a couple of mirrors for an arty, interesting effect. Are you a renter? Lean it up against a wall while placed on the floor, no holes in the wall required.

3. Baskets!

nittonarton basket pot

We love baskets! They are the best when you need to panic “clean” your clutter when those surprise guests nocks on the door. They add functional style to a room. Put your extra blankets in them, use them as flower pots, for pet toys,  Baskets. To making rounding up your pet’s toys. Relatively cheap and perfect for adding some natural elements to your decor as well.

4. Plants Make a House a Home

nittonarton minimal pots
nittonarton basket pot

It’s no surprise to anyone that we at nittonarton is kind of obsessed with plants. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, plants are a great way to add color to a neutral decor. Whether you grow or go faux, including greenery is a easy way to spruce up your space.

5. Add More Lamps

nittonarton lamps

More lighting can bring warmth and brightness to any room (especially in the evenings), they also give you another chance to express your style, create an ambiance, and add dimension to any space. For even more living room inspiration, please check out our video below:


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